Inclusive rides for every body.


Whether you keep your adventures low-key and close to home or are ready to smash your next big thing–every butt deserves the freedom of life on two wheels, and to have fun doing it!


I smoke weed and ride bikes.

I’m also an ultra-endurance cyclist (BC Epic 1000 yo-yo on a single speed bike, anyone?), HUB Cycling’s 2022 People’s Choice award winner, and the first person to complete a Canadian Triple Everesting.

I’m the founder of Riley’s Rips – a bike scavenger hunt in Vancouver B.C, Tyrone’s Tours – a mini-tour around the city that encourages local folx to get out and explore our city, and have had the grand honour of being supported by brands like Brodie Bikes and State Bicycles.

I started cycling when I realized the price of maintaining a vehicle – both financially and environmentally – was too expensive. So, I traded my SUV in for a $300 Craigslist single-speed commuter bike.

Now, 10 years later, I’m a loud (and unapologetic) advocate for getting all butts on bikes, no matter the size of the adventure, and having fun while we do it!

Are you a cycling or weed (or both!) brand?

I’d be stoked to speak with you more about my passion for cycling, inclusivity, and and how we might work together. Please get in touch here to speak further!